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This page lists forthcoming events related to Enterprise, International Business and other areas of interest to me. Some I will be speaking at; others are listed purely for your interest.

15th EntrepreneurCountry Forum

19 April 2016, London, UK

Ariadne Capital and Julie Meyer want to welcome you at the 15th Annual FORUM of EntrepreneurCountry - save the date...

On the 19th of April 2016 in the very amphitheatre that the great British inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs of the past 500 years have disclosed their visions, discoveries and insights,EntrepreneurCountry Global will welcome its citizens back to hear leading entrepreneurs, investors and intrapreneurs share with the 600 person audience how the future is opening up, how prosperity is ripping through society as a result of digital, and what you can do to play a role.



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Download and view the latest presentations and downloads from recent events:

Entrepreneurship 101

30 June 2014 | 34 MB

Canada's Entrepreneur Institute features 3 broadcasts by Alan in June - 'Entrepreneurship 101' 'From Silos to Ecosystems' and 'The Continuum of Entrepreneurial Finance' - see all here.

Business Cycle Management and Strategic Planning

17 June 2014 | 43 MB

Lecture given to delegation of CEOs and Chairmen of independent companies from the City of Chengdu

The Crowdfunding Phenomenon

16 June 2014 | 3 MB

RSA continues to support projects with Crowdfunding and Alan Barrell speaks about it at Regional Conference

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