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Alan is available for public speaking, broadcasts, seminars and presentations. During 40 years of International activity, Professor Barrell has amassed a treasure chest of knowledge and experience which can be shared with companies including Investment, Business in China, Start-ups and motivation, Cross-border education and enterprise, Creating Entrepreneurship and Creative thinking.

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"Show Me The Money" is a new book by Alan Barrell, David Gill and Martin Rigby about raising the cash to get a business off the ground. Revised second edition and Chinese edition now available.

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Alan Barrell

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Download and view the latest presentations and downloads from recent events:

Entrepreneurship 101

30 June 2014 | 34 MB

Canada's Entrepreneur Institute features 3 broadcasts by Alan in June - 'Entrepreneurship 101' 'From Silos to Ecosystems' and 'The Continuum of Entrepreneurial Finance' - see all here.

Business Cycle Management and Strategic Planning

17 June 2014 | 43 MB

Lecture given to delegation of CEOs and Chairmen of independent companies from the City of Chengdu

The Crowdfunding Phenomenon

16 June 2014 | 3 MB

RSA continues to support projects with Crowdfunding and Alan Barrell speaks about it at Regional Conference

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