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China is fascinating and exciting. A Great Nation in so many ways. I am privileged to spend significant time there and with Chinese Universities, students and business people in my native land too. This "Chinafile" is a special place on the website for material relating to China and some is in Chinese language. Please visit and enjoy!" Alan Barrell

Download Alan's Biography - December 2016 (Chinese)

China news & links this week

New events added with YBC and GYDO - details here.

Latest thoughts & additionsLatest thoughts

Open Letter of Latest News and Assessments on China from Andrew Leung in Hong Kong

Do take the time to explore this most comprehensive set of observations and facts/reference papers etc. Andrew is a STAR - who does all this for the interest of all of us - and his passion for developing best possible international connections involving China - download document.

A view on Chinese parenting

A view on Chinese parenting - Interesting thoughts - view video.

Chinese star students in Cambridge 2013

Teams from the GYDO 2013 Cambridge Entrepreneurship and Leadership Programme with Alan Barrell - view photos.

Ma Zhengang on UK China collaboration

Onetime Chinese Ambassador to UK writes about prospects for more trade in The Telegraph - view article.

Famous quotations

Some of my favourite inspiring quotations - now with Chinese translations - have been updated here.

Jiangsu in Cambridge October 2012

Presentation files available for download here.

Dawson King - Entrepreneur Training Presentations for Shanghai Colleges

Bi-lingual presentation files available for download here.

October 2012

National Conference on Entrepreneurship - China's Vocational College Heads meet in Shanghai

On October 19th Professor Alan Barrell gave the opening keynote address to the assembled Chairmen, Presidents and Deans of thirty five Vocational Colleges from all parts of China at a Conference in Shanghai focussed on the development of curriculum and teaching methods and materials for Entrepreneurial Education in China - see full details including bi-lingual presentation file here.

October 2012

Cambridge Healthcare launched in China

Cambridge Healthcare has announced the launch of in China and the appointment of Bo Zhou in Beijing - see full details including Chinese presentation here.

April 2012

Newsflash 18 April 2012

Guangxi University announced the appointment of Alan Barrell as Guest Professor for a four year spell. His picture during a recent China visit and the Professorial Certificate are here. Alan is Visiting Professor already at Xiamen University, Fujian, Shanghai College of Science and Technology and Fuzhou International School of Economics and Business. He works also as International advisor to Hong Kong Polytechnic University and is Guest Professor in Japan at the Tohoku Fukushi University in Sendai. Alan's work in China extends to his activities as a director of MedTech International Ltd - with two Chinese co-directors now based in UK and as International Advisor to the Global Youth Development Organisation - based at Peking University. The company Cambridge Healthcare Ltd - promoting the web portal also now has an office in Beijing.

Videos from a recent visit to Shanghai

Meeting the Cambridge University Chinese Culture Society

The China Consortium of University Entrepreneurs

September 2011

Economic and Investment news and comment - a series of articles reproduced from China Daily

China's FDI and ODI from 2002 to 2010

East is the way to West by Andrew Moody

Knocking on tech doors in Europe by Andrew Moody & Hu Haiyan

Goong Global by Shujie Yao

September 2011

GYDO - Global Youth Development Organisation - Chinese Brochure

September 23 2011, PDF 6MB

Cambridge University Without Borders - Shanghai Forum September 2011 - Professor Alan Barrell’s Speech Summary

September 23 2011, PDF 0.1MB

Cambridge University Chinese Culture Society - Presentation

September 23 2011, PDF 5MB

Two new views of China - latest inputs we have received on ECONOMY and CULTURAL THOUGHTS. Feel free to share one or both.

February 21 2011, PDF 300KB and 3MB

Relax and Reflect - with profound sayings and thoughts and beautiful images of China

January 27 2011, PDF 5MB

Assessment of China - US Positioning - Daily Telegraph report

January 24 2011, PDF 1MB

Latest Personal reflectons from Alan at a public meeting in Cambridge

January 19 2011, PDF 13MB

Hot Off the Press – Sunday Times Economic Outlook report

January 16 January 2011, PDF 670KB

Latest thoughts and Key Facts on China and the World

Updated 28 December 2010, PDF 90KB

Title and description Date published Type Size

Cambridge Emerging Markets Society

A reminder on the Emerging Markets. English version | Chinese version

7 March 2011 File Icon 0.5 MB

China and The World in the “Age of the Entrepreneur”

Opportunities for Global Growth as East Meets West. Presented at Darwin College, Cambridge, 21st September 2008

Note - large (40MB) file! Right-click and choose 'Save as...' to download

10 September 2008 File Icon 14 MB

China and the World!

The seminar was well attended and well received. Click below to download the full presentation, or here for Wei Wang's presentation.

Seminar with Dr Wei Wang at Library House, Cambridge

20 June 2008 File Icon 7 MB

China in Tomorrow’s World

Alan Barrell speaks to International Forum at Gonville and Caius College on “China in Tomorrow’s World”

22 May 2009 File Icon 8 MB

China in Tomorrow's World

Thoughts on the Emerging New Dynamics of Globalisation. Presented at the International Forum Meeting, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

29 August 2009 File Icon 6 MB

China, The World and Yorkshire

China remains a major work area for Alan Barrell. He spoke on "Innovation and Education" at this seminar.

'Yorkshire in the City' Seminar at London's Guildhall

19 June 2008 File Icon 4 MB

Chinese Pharmacology - Recent 3rd Party Publications

Research led by the Department of Pharmacology in Cambridge is discovering the drugs of tomorrow from traditional Chinese medicine.

1 June 2008 File Icon 0 MB

Chinese Pharmacology - Recent 3rd Party Publications

Angiogenesis: from plants to blood vessels

1 June 2008 File Icon 1 MB

Chongqing Bank - Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Chinese

Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in a Fast Changing World. Lecture to Chongqing Bank Executives (CHINESE VERSION)

Presented at The Møller Centre 20/09/08

15 September 2008 File Icon 3 MB

Chongqing Bank - Innovation and Entrepreneurship - English

Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in a Fast Changing World. Lecture to Chongqing Bank Executives.

Presented at The Møller Centre 20/09/08

15 September 2008 File Icon 6 MB

Dancing with the Dragon

Presented at the Confucius Institute, Cardiff University - Chinese Creative Industries Forum

12 November 2009 File Icon 6 MB

Entrepreneurial Education - Developments in the West and Implications for China

Professor Alan Barrell speaking in Shanghai in 2010 at an event to celebrate the opening of the China (Shanghai) Entrepreneur Training and Education Centre. Sponsored by Shanghai University, Shanghai College of Science and Technology and Youth Business China (Chinese version)

November 2010 File Icon 8 MB

Entrepreneurship Education and Support in Britain and The West - and Stimulus for China

Public lecture on Developpments in Entrepreneur education in the West - and Implications for China - Shanghai Public Entrepreneur Education Centre. Chinese version available here.

8 May 2010 File Icon 8 MB

Example of China Seminars and Educational events offered by Alan Barrell and colleagues

31 January 2011 File Icon 7 MB

Experiences in China - AWB Jan 2010

23 January 2010 File Icon 12 MB

Going Global

Lecture and discussion at Hebeir Science Park, spring 2010 - Professor Alan Barrell (Chinese version)

24 May 2010 File Icon 4 MB

Harnessing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Regenerating the UK Economy for Tomorrow’s World - presented to Sichuan Business and Industry Delegation in Cambridge

11 February 2012 File Icon 8 MB

Harnessing Technology for Economic and Social Development

Regenerating the UK Economy for Tomorrow's World - presented to a delegation of 45 business leaders from Fujian Province, Newnham College, Cambridge May 2012

4 May 2012 File Icon 8 MB

Love is blind, greed is insatiable

ebook by Prof Alan Barrell and Dr Wei Wang

The classic case of a china business venture

28 February 2008 File Icon 0 MB

Open Innovation - Technology and Knowledge Transfer and a World Without Borders (Chinese version)

Presented at the Knowledge Transfer Conference in Shenzhen (Chinese version)

9 November 2010 File Icon 8 MB

Reflections on China

Public lecture given in Cambridge, 19th January 2011 at Newnham College

19 January 2011 File Icon 13 MB

Riding China Success at World EXPO

Challenges and Opportunities in China - Healhcare and Life Sciences

15 March 2010 File Icon 8 MB

The Cambridge Phenomenon

A Lecture given at Tsinghua University, Beijing, January 18th 2005 by Alan Barrell (This is the Chinese version, an English version is available in the Downloads section)

2005 File Icon 2 MB

The story of technology and business success in The East of England

A lecture by Nadine Su at the Science Park, Hebei Province in 2010 (Chinese version)

2010 File Icon 2 MB

Tomorrow’s World - Where Science and Technology Serve Mankind

Lecture slides from Alan Barrell’s lecture and seminar for students from Beijing Chemical University attending Chemical Engineering Summer School in Cambridge

21 July 2010 File Icon 14 MB

World Without Borders

Chinese Leadership Programme Cambridge July 2009

2 September 2009 File Icon 9 MB

Youth Business China

Professor Alan Barrell has been International Advisor to YOUTH BUSINESS CHINA since 2007 and works with YBC mentors and Colleges supporting YBC. Youth Business China supports young people in China starting up businesses. It is not for profit and the mentors are all unpaid volunteers. Visit for more information

23 April 2012 File Icon 0.2 MB