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Spark Up - a great centre for Start Ups in Turku Finland Arrow link

HealX of Cambridge - Making a big impact on the problem of Rare Diseases - TV feature. Don't miss it! Arrow link

John's Road to Rio Challenge - John Willis on the Road to Rio Olympics Arrow link

Questions Answered about Crowdfunding - video of Alan Barrell discussing his views and predictions Arrow link

China Daily interviews Alan Barrell on prospects for Chinese Brands and Global Growth of mid size Chinese companies Arrow link

Alan discusses the Entrepreneurial Finance situation in Cambridge and Barcelona - including Crowd Funding and Capital Cell Arrow link

Alan speaks in Lahti Finland about Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, August 2015 Arrow link

Social Enterprises - a UK Perspective - Alan Barrell captured at the Copenhagen Business School Arrow link

A Wonderful Human Story from Bangladesh - SHUROKKA - and the Health of Working Women Arrow link

Living the Dream How Heroes Change the World Video and Presentation by Alan Barrell to open the 2013 Global Student Challenge at Hong Kong Polytechnic University Arrow link

From the Judge Business School Cambridge, UK: Alan Barrell talks about Global Youth Development and the 2013 Viet Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp - three new videos Arrow link

New book "Show Me The Money" by Alan Barrell, David Gill and Martin Rigby about raising the cash to get a business off the ground - details, reviews, pictures and video Arrow link

Three new videos - interviews and the great story of Raspberry Pi. Life experiences of entrepreneurship and how it changes the world... Arrow link

Creating a World Without Borders

Many of the messages on my website reflect my passion for a world of greater understanding between peoples, greater tolerance, more collaboration and 'co-opetition' - partnerships in practice and cross border knowledge exchanges.

World Without Borders is not a political model, but seeks to join peoples of diverse ethnic, cultural and political backgrounds in developing a Mindset which reaches across borders to create wealth (in the broadest meaning of the word) and enhance and accelerate prosperity, through economic growth in communities of common purpose and societies which demonstrate social inclusion.

Moving closer to A World Without Borders will mean having greater trust and confidence in partners and in the concept and practice of Open Innovation.

World without Borders

Education Without Borders will be an integral part of the forward march to a borderless World in which coming generations are enriched by the innovation born of cross cultural interest and exploration.

Think about it... A World Without Borders... Education Without Borders... Business Without Borders... Brain Circulation connecting more of us day by day... it can be more than a dream!

Alan Barrell - Cambridge, December 2016



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Presentations and downloads from recent events:

Entrepreneurship 101

30 June 2014 | 34 MB

Canada's Entrepreneur Institute features 3 broadcasts by Alan in June - 'Entrepreneurship 101' 'From Silos to Ecosystems' and 'The Continuum of Entrepreneurial Finance' - see all here.

Business Cycle Management and Strategic Planning

17 June 2014 | 43 MB

Lecture given to delegation of CEOs and Chairmen of independent companies from the City of Chengdu

The Crowdfunding Phenomenon

16 June 2014 | 3 MB

RSA continues to support projects with Crowdfunding and Alan Barrell speaks about it at Regional Conference

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